Coach Tab Ramos

Coach Tab Ramos has been working with the national team since 2011 when he led the team to a 2013 U-20 finals loss against rival Mexico and a 2015 World Cup in New Zealand quarterfinals loss in penalties to the tournament champion Serbia.

Ramos was an important part of some of the most culture changing teams in US history. Playing in three world cups from the end of the 80s through 1998 as US Soccer turned from a punching bag to a competitive CONCACAF juggernaut. He scored a crucial goal against Costa Rica in a WC qualifier to help the US make the 1998 World Cup in France.

Ramos was the first player ever signed for Major League Soccer and has continued to play a crucial role in US Soccer development. He is now leading the next generation of stars and was brought on by Coach Jurgen Klinsmann to help with the senior team for the 2014 World Cup.

He’s leading this young talented U20 team to a World Cup in Korea that while riddled with key injuries, have a great chance of emerging from the group stage and potentially doing some damage.


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