Supporting CAC & the Refugee and Underserved Community

In leu of a patreon if you enjoy, Knocking it Around and #USSoccerChat along with our partnership with Underdog Soccer Podcast would you consider signing up for donating to my soccer work in the refugee community?

Refugees and the underserved communities of the SouthEnd of Louisville do not have a place to call “home” where they can play soccer. Antioch Church has acquired 12 acres of land and Louisville City FC has donated professional grade turf from their former pitch for our use. We have completed construction of the pitch and plan to launch to the community in Spring 2022, but will need on going support for events, equipment and maintenance. 

Partner with & Antioch Church to complete our pitch:

  • lights
  • walkway to the pitch
  • netting to keep ball in play
  • bleachers for family and supporters to watch the game

Our next goal is to launch our programs to transform the neighborhood offering:

  • provide soccer camps and clinics for kids to introduce them to the game and offer opportunities for those who can’t afford pay-to-play
  • developing a competitive local high quality soccer training so that kids can inexpensively play and not have to drive miles to play
  • provide additional services to the youth (tutoring, language training, college and career development)
  • use soccer to make others aware of our free community garden and food pantry so we can further care for the families of the players
  • provide a practice field and location for tournament for the refugee community who often can’t find or afford places to place
  • recommend players to LouCity and Javanon Soccer Clubs for scholarship opportunities to join top clubs in the region 


Make that final pass, give now:

We want to add lights for night play, bleachers for families to be able to watch games, netting to keep the ball in the field and complete a concrete walkway for easier access to the field. We will continue to raise money for services and equipment for the refugee and underserved community.

Be a part of the vision!






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