MLS vs The World

MLS had a record year crushing previous markers for players sold and their own commissioner recently declaring a transition from being known as a retirement league for former European stars to a development league for young up and coming players from the Americas. He has backed up his comments immediately with millions of dollars in transfer fees.

Graphic from: @tutulismyname

The US domestic league which several US young players have recently been scooped up from the academies are headed for Europe and dreaming of being the next Christian Pulisic signing and breaking transfer records for Americans in the world’s top leagues.

If we take the best USMNT players from our pool of MLS players which we are getting to see on full display tomorrow against Costa Rica (and recently got to see win 3-0 against Panama).

If we also take the best XI from Europe and abroad, how would these teams fair against each other?


Best USMNT World XI

What do you think, any better picks in either scenario? Does the MLS have a chance?