Larry Henry & Marcus O’Malley USMNT Cross Over

USMNT Cross Over

Marcus O’Malley, founder of, and Larry Henry, Managing Editor of, team up for a USMNT cross over to tackle the news of the day in USL, MLS and USMNT.

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Could USL build a viable league to compete with MLS and prepare YNT for Europe?

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I love a good underdog story. MLS is tapped out of expansion money and lost $1B this year. USL has celebrities, former national team players, and some other passionate investors. I think they could make things interesting if they become a development league. Might be slightly biased being a LouCity fan.


  • Marcus


I think so for sure. Some YNT players may not get that opportunity at a young age to go overseas, so I think that is where the USL can come into play. It will take time and money of course to help develop teams, but I like their chances.

  • Larry

Can USL produce at good or better players than MLS?

CAC Twitter Bryang Kayo was a huge piece for them. Jonathan Gómez moving from Dallas to Louisville City, another great move. If more top young prospects keep going, it will eventually improve their academy interest and grow the game grassroots. Same as above, why not? That’s a long, long road though and very unlikely.


Yes and no. I think ultimately players will choose MLS at first, but could go to USL if they see its a good opportunity to get consistent playing time. They may get some players who don’t want to go to MLS at first too.


Why have some teams nailed down development, where others even original teams not figured it out?

CAC Twitter Philadelphia Union is a great example. They invested in their development and Jim Curtin changed his managing style to play the kids. They got results and built on that, it created opportunities and led to interest in their academy. Not every manager or club can pull that off, but it should be a model moving forward.


Some teams have been able to give players a chance at a young age. Look at teams like Philadelphia, FC Dallas, and a few others who not only rely on young players, but also aren’t afraid to trust them in big-time situtions. Others need to follow what these two clubs are doing to develop young players.


Can MLS contribute to the national team or do we need to rely entirely on Europe?

CAC Twitter In the long-term developing players, I’d say absolutely MLS involved. Tyler Adams, Chris Richards, Uly Llanez to name a few started there. They have a pile of young prospects that moved over to Europe this past year (and more soon). Short-term we are close to fielding XI top league starters it will be difficult for MLS players to break in except at our weakest positions like striker, keeper, maybe the #10. We have to rely on Europe for our core talent.


Most definitely. Sure, players like Christian Pulisic, Tyler Adams, and Weston McKennie will be the forefront of the USMNT for years to come, but MLS will have to provide players too. You see what some MLS stars have been able to do for their National Teams too (aka Andre Blake, Romell Quioto, Alberth Elis, Samuel Piette).

Who is the next star player to come out of the MLS system?

CAC Twitter Tough question we are pumping great talent out, does Chris Richards count? I’ll go with Mark McKenzie of current MLS players, not sure that defenders can be stars. He seems to have some great tools and interest from Europe right now. His next move will be telling.


I really think highly of Chris Mueller at Orlando City. The guy may not score goals or assist every performance, but he is a worker and I think that will always get him looks at club level. Who knows, maybe we see him as a USMNT winger option like Tyler Boyd has done recently.

Should they run the MLS tourney again next season?

CAC Twitter The easy answer is no, but man I know it’s Covid-19 but that was fun. Why not run it somewhere warm in winter after the season instead of January camp or right after NHL/NBA playoffs to attract sports fans. The round robin games could replace or count towards the season.


100%. Its been fun to see and I’ve definitely enjoyed watching games at 9 a.m. all the way past midnight. However, I would make it earlier in the year so players can jump right into that as a preseason tournament that counts towards regular season points, prize money, etc.


Which USMNT is in most need of a transfer?

CAC Twitter I’ll say Antonee Robinson, not only is his stock in a good spot, we are hurting at LB and his club just got relegated. He needs to move and could be a starter for us. There are definitely others including Horvath who have got to move.


Matt Miazga (Honorable mention Cameron Carter-Vickers). Miazga won’t get a sniff at Chelsea, especially if Frank Lampard bolsters his backline this summer. I think Miazga can be a USMNT starter, but needs to be a consistent starter for a good club, not just a loanee from a top club.

Is Christian Pulisic injury troubles a real thing and threat to us and his legacy?

CAC Twitter It’s been tough to see him drop on the regular. I think it’s something he and Chelsea really need to take a deep look at. Staying healthy has plagued many players careers including Jozy Altidore at key moments. Christian is just one player, but extremely important to the success of our current group and program.


100%. This has been Pulisic’s best season yet as a professional, yet he missed time due to injuries. I think if he continues to miss time, he will never tap World-Class potential for Chelsea or the USMNT.

Will the USMNT ever win a World Cup?

CAC Twitter Question isn’t will we win, it is after we win it all will we keep trying to. Or will it be like the American Ninja Warrior show or the Boston Red Sox fans after 2004? Where die hard fans lose interest and we then focus on winning a Rugby World Cup? Larry and I would make a killer Rugby World Cup article to top this USMNT cross over.


It’s hard to say. They have the talent for sure, but I think will always fall just short of heavyweights like Brazil, Spain, Germany, England, France. Now winning CONCACAF every four years is a different story! Larry Henry @lhenry019

Will any goalkeeper give Zack Steffen a real run for the No. 1 job?

CAC Twitter Steffen is our #1. However, if he goes to Manchester City and gets forgotten, I do think Ethan Horvath moving to Germany could make it very interesting. Bill Hamid for me is on a terrible team, but one of our most complete goalkeepers. I know your a Matt Turner guy and Brian Sciaretta is on the Frei wagon. I’ve not seen Sean Johnson enough to make a determination on him.


Steffen is the clear No. 1, but there is a long list of guys who are worthy of starting for the USMNT on a consistent basis. My money would be Matt Turner. He’s one of the best in MLS at his position and for me gets the edge over Sean Johnson and out of form Ethan Horvath.


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