The media and former players have made waves in recent weeks pointing out the vast conflicts of interest within the USSF Board of Directors in light of the challenges brought forth earlier this year.

Fans are supporting the effort, calling for sponsors and more media support to make actual lasting changes.

USWNT Legal Language

Carlos Cordeiro has stepped down as President of the Board, but the conflicts seem to run much deeper than Cordeiro.

The legal language in question that launched the discussion is here:

The need for Cordeiro to step down was obvious, but what is unclear is how deep into the board the source of this document went and beyond that it brought once again to light the immense problem the board as a whole has.

The history of the board’s minutes and agendas speak to the need for more board members to accept responsibility.

Media and Former Player Responses

Here’s what some in the media and former players had to say AFTER Cordeiro stepped down pointing out the corruption that continues to plague the US Board of Directors.

Many on the board are deeply connected to MLS or US Soccer (Soccer United Marketing – the for profit arm of US Soccer). Don Garber is Commissioner for MLS AND CEO of SUM.

Hope Solo, World Cup Champion did not celebrate Cordeiro’s resignation, in fact quite the opposite demanded more changes on the board:



Taylor Twellman also pointing out the Athletic Council’s culpability in this:

NASL Sued the USSF Board for Conflicts of Interest in 2018

Two years ago the NASL sued the USSF Board for protecting their personal bias towards MLS.

“As Defendant Cordeiro recently admitted, ‘[t]he unique ownership of SUM creates conflicts that need to be addressed.'”

Resolution for the Conflicts

There is a clear problem with the accountability on the board and its submission to MLS and SUM. Unless sponsors step up and force changes as some have in the USWNT lawsuit discussion which likely led to Cordeiro’s resignation.

Changes are needed in the make up of the board and the controlling interest of the board to be broken out so that SUM does not have complete control of US Soccer. There is no accountability beyond funding and that would require action from the US Soccer sponsors.

US Sponsors: Chipotle, Volkswagen, Nike, AT&T, Johnson & Johnson, Budweiser, Powerade, Coca-Cola, Continental Tire, Cutter, Tag Heuer, Thorne, Deloitte, Visa, Hisense, Volpi.

Below captures some of the conflicts of interest on the board.

USSF Board of Directors Conflicts of Interest