USMNT MLS vs USMNT World Teams

The US is an incredible spot having our top player Christian Pulisic, land an assist (and nearly a goal) in his debut with Chelsea, a huge club in the English Premier League. Many clubs around the world are watching his development and his success could cause a huge explosion of interest in exploring the US player pool. Many might argue, it already has had an impact.

Our own domestic league, the MLS, has positioned itself as a development league moving forward. It has several US young players who have landed or are headed for Europe. They’re dreaming of being the next signing and breaking transfer records for Americans in the world’s top leagues.

If we take the best USMNT players from our pool of MLS players how do they stand?


If we also take the best XI from Europe and abroad, how would these teams fair against each other?

Best USMNT of the World Clubs