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USMNT Media Projects

The Chasingacup team is involved in many USMNT media projects along with USYNT in the soccer world. One of those is our very own YouTube show called Knocking it Around.

Knocking it Around

This show is focused primarily on Youth National Team introducing young players, U20 rankings and discussions with other partners on a specific topic.

Special guests of teen players and how they are working towards becoming professionals from the DA, YNT, MLS and USL ranks. A diverse group of players and interviewers bring a variety of thoughts and experiences to the discussion.

David Kerr shares his rankings and breaks down each of the players in a deep dive into the YNT ranks that cannot be found anywhere else. 

Additionally debates and discussions are on the forum for future Knocking it Around episodes often from partners in USMNT sites or channels who have a healthy discussion around competing ideas. 

Check out Knocking it Around here:


Underdog Soccer Podcast

USMNT Soccer Podcasts discussing USMNT soccer news from Underdog Soccer Podcast, US Soccer News.Chasingacup also partners with Matty Knips host of Underdog Soccer Podcast for the Senior National Team and are involved with player interviews, rating the player pool and game reviews.

Check us out on SoundCloud, Apple or Google Podcast platforms.

Exciting player interviews from the team including players from across Europe, MLS and USL. Some key players like Chris Richards and Mark McKenzie, to up and comping players like David Ochoa and Christian Cappis bring a diverse background of experiences. The Underdog SP team has varying guests who dive into the pool, pre and post rosters and game evaluations and more. 

Marcus O’Malley & Chris Kerr are regulars are Underdog SP.