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Underdog Soccer Podcast: A USMNT Soccer Podcast talking all levels of American Men’s Soccer

Underdog SP gives you a comprehensive and unbiased look at the USMNT. The show reviews the US Men’s National team. Above all, focused on analyzing the pool and games, USYNT, and what’s happening in the American soccer underworld.

I’m here to give you an in depth and unbiased look at the USMNT.
— Matt Knips @underdogsp

Chris Kerr @kerrc17
Marcus O’Malley @chasingacup

Matty & Chris are regulars are #USSoccerChat too.

Underdog Soccer Podcast

A few of interest to USMNT Podcast fans that show what Underdog Soccer Podcast is all about. Matty and his team have recorded tons of Podcasts. They break down lineups, providing post game analysis and diving into the underbelly of US Men’s Soccer news. In other words, everything in USMNT news that you need.

Interviews on the show are focused on USMNT USYNT players. Many of who, are breaking in for their club because they’ve shown promise in the youth ranks. These players have been involved in the Olympics, Camp Cupcake or other US Camps, U20s and U17s.


Chris Richards was on Underdog SP. Chris broke down what playing at Bundesliga giant Bayern Munich is like, getting chewed out by the likes of Arjen Robben in his first few weeks of training & his desire to show Mexico who would run CONCACAF.

Christian Cappis was on Underdog Soccer Podcast. We explored his challenging journey from the US to breaking into Hobro in Europe. He shared about his journey, for instance.

David Ochoa came on the show. He shared his experience coming up in the MLS ranks and his exciting win in the USL Championship. As a result of his continued success USMNT fans expect big things.

Player Analysis

The midfield and winger pool broken down by position along with striker (#9). This semi-regular breakdown by positional depth helps fans analyze the player pool and our attacking players.

The team for Underdog Soccer Podcast broke down the Goalkeepers and defensive line up by position and depth chart. Our goalkeeper and defense are broken down by position. Above all, a deep dive into up and coming players may break in.