MLS on TV #UnitetoWatch

It can be challenging with the schedule and variety of networks coverage of the sport of soccer to always know where and when to tune in to catch your favorite club. In the age of streaming Apps over channel surfing that can become an even more tedious task. The #unitetowatch movement has been steadily growing, a grassroots effort to encourage watching and supporting domestic soccer in the US.  Below is where to catch MLS on TV action. 

For those of you looking for an MLS game to watch here’s the complete schedule including where to catch the game. Also USL Fans make sure to see ESPN’s expanded coverage of USL this season.

MLS on TV April 16, 2021 – August 4, 2021 by network

MLS on TV August 7, 2021 – November 7, 2021 by network

Find your favorite team and follow along. Not sure who to follow and new to MLS? Here’s a guide for UCL fans to catch a team as you transition from European soccer to the domestic game. Running out of shows to binge on Netflix, watch MLS on TV and support the game to grow soccer in the US. MLS is investing in youth development more than ever before which helps develop young Americans to get attention and scouted by Europe. As we march on our quest of chasing a cup. With the covid vaccine out and states returning to more normal activities go catch your local USL, NWSL, MLS or other local clubs and support domestic soccer.