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About Us was founded by Marcus O’Malley in 2016 inspired by player agents’ requests to put his thoughts down and share his vision for players development and growth. A passionate soccer fan and player he began covering the US national team and players.

Over time having built relationships with professional players, scouts and fans that network has grown in writers and contributions to the content. MLS clubs and agents have followed our MLS Academy and player rankings as we’ve developed a strong reputation in the domestic leagues along with US Soccer fans.  

Over the years the Chasingacup team has grown tremendously into a network of writers, podcasts and digital content producers that leverage the site to put down their thoughts on the US national team. Chasingacup is a collection of over 20 writers including MLS professionals, ESPN content providers, international scouts and other soccer network content producers. Our work has been recognized globally both interviews being captured (Chris Richards on one of the highlights) and impacting player signings.  

Marcus is a regular on Underdog Soccer Podcast, create YouTube Content for our own Knocking it Around and produces the weekly content for #USSoccerChat live Twitter discussions in partnership with USSF. He is also heavily involved in the community having partnered with Louisville City FC to raise the funds to develop a soccer pitch in Louisville, KY for refugees.

Want to get in touch? Reach out via Twitter, Instagram or email – [email protected] to learn more.