Knocking it Around Ep. 1 Gomez & Weah

Knocking it Around featuring David Kerr,  writer for, with Chris Kerr & Matty Knips from Underdog Soccer Podcast and I to interview Jonathan Gómez of Louisville City and Patrick Weah.  This the debut episode of Knocking it Around discussing USMNT USYNT players. We talk soccer, being a teen star and becoming a professional and to get the inside scoop on an incredible class of 2003s

Patrick Weah on Knocking it Around

Patrick Weah 2003

Patrick Weah joined Knocking it Around as he’s in transition – training at Minnesota United, with interest from St Louis University as well US and International clubs chomping at the bit.

The striker is hungry to get to Europe and has long term goals of making the Senior National Team like his hero Christian Pulisic.



Yes, you were correct when you looked at that last name and thought “is he related to George and Tim Weah?”. Patrick Weah is the nephew of George Weah and the cousin of Tim Weah and is good enough to represent the family name with pride. Like both George and Tim, Patrick’s first quality that you will notice is that he is an eye popping athlete. Patrick has the combination of both size and speed that coaches dream of having in a striker. To put it lightly, Patrick is too good for the u17 DA where is currently playing. He literally looks like a man among boys. However, being a physically gifted athlete is not only why he is rated so high, Patrick also has the skill to back it up. Patrick is a fantastic dribbler and a competent finisher just like both George and Tim Weah.

Jonathan Gómez  on Knocking it Around

Jonathan Gomez 2003

Jonathan Gómez joined Knocking it Around after recently moving to Louisville City FC from FC Dallas in the MLS.

He’s got goals of playing in Europe with his brother who plays in Portugal. Jonathan came to play for coach John Hackworth who coached Sergiño Dest, one of Jonathan’s idles. 





Jonathan Gomez is a player who many consider to be the USMNT’s best left back prospect along with Kobe Hernandez-Foster. Jonathan Gomez is another superstar in the making that has been developed by the FC Dallas academy. Gomez has every tool that you could dream about having in a left back. He is quick, smart, an elite 1v1 defender, an amazing dribbler, can play a pin point cross, and is the best attacking fullback in the youth national team system. The only difference between Gomez and Kobe Hernandez-Foster is that Kobe is a bit better of a defender and more athletic while Gomez is a better attacker and cleaner on the ball.


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