After we’ve UNITED our large diverse group of US Domestic Soccer fans, ready to show that we shouldn’t and won’t be ignored as a bloc of sports consumers how do we make our efforts at targeted #UniteToWatch viewership count?

Well for one, most may not be aware that in the past simply watching on your TV’s cable box or satellite provider did not mean your TV #UnitetoWatch viewership was counted. 

Nielsen the company most have heard about uses an antiquated system; that uses a percentage of households out of a TV DMA (Designated Market Area) see 2021 TV DMA Rankings.

Out of that system Nielsen picks a set of households in each TV DMA market that represents the viewership of a whole media market that number ranges on DMA size and market. Something like 20,000 households may represent a Media market of millions of people! 

Here’s an old article from ten years ago explaining the flaws in how Nielsen tracks viewership methodology

To Nielsen’s credit they have recently incorporated OOH viewing (Out of Home) into its ratings methodology to more accurately reflect TV viewership.

#UnitetoWatch Viewership

So, to the part we’ve been reading to figure out how to make your Domestic Soccer #UnitetoWatch viewership count? See steps below.

  • Watch Domestic Soccer on your Smart Device or Smart Device OTT (Over the Top) service apps like Roku, Amazon Fire Stick or YouTube TV, or on any of the many new streaming services like ESPN+, Peacock, Paramount+ Hulu etc. You get the picture. Nielsen now tracks viewership through devices and apps that any soccer match may be watched on, this is the only 100% proven way to make sure what you watch is counted. Basically, if you are legally streaming it, it will be counted “viewed” by Nielsen

(IMPORTANT for those that are concerned about game delay watching on streaming vs traditional cable TV you put the games on in the background of your HDMI Input and watch the game on cable. The point is making sure your #UnitetoWatch viewership is COUNTED.)

  • Next go to your streaming devices Settings> Privacy tab.
  • Select the applicable Manage Nielsen Measurements feature. 
  • If Opted out Opt-In or unselect limit ad-tracking.

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